The most valuable coral - red and pink, but the jewelers also use white, blue and black coral for the manufacture of pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces, commemorative statuettes and figurines. The rarest and therefore the most expensive - blue coral. Colony live corals in the Mediterranean sea, in the waters of Northern Australia, the Canary Islands, Malaysia and Japan. Corals from the Mediterranean sea differ rich red color. In Australia formed the largest colonies of corals. Japan produced black coral.
Coral anciently attributed magical properties. Priestesses and shamans wore it as an amulet against the evil eye. It was used for the treatment of ulcerative skin lesions, cardiac diseases and for restoring memory. Surprisingly, the coral and took inside. To do this, it burned and pounded into powder, and then added in tea. It was believed that this drink helps with intestinal colic and cystitis. The ancient Greeks believed that coral gives immortality and is able to influence human consciousness, saving him from depression, anxiety and nerve disorder. In Russia red coral called Wren and used as a prophetic stone for predicting the future.
Modern medicine has confirmed the therapeutic value of corals. For example, the possibility of the use of white coral in surgery for prosthesis or restoration of bone fractures. Scientists have confirmed the positive impact gorgonio coral on the respiratory and digestive systems. And some antiquarians argue that coral is a kind of mirror reflecting the state of health of the person who wears it. According to their observations, the coral changes color and acquires a defect, if his master has a chronic or acute disease, and in healthy people it always remains whole and brilliant.
Perfect zodiac compatibility from coral with the people of the Pisces sign, because they belong to the same element - water. It is believed that the Fish should wear corals brown or red-brown color. Fish are characterized by emotional instability, self-doubt. The coral will stabilize their emotional state, preventing them from nervous breakdowns and depression caused by life's turmoil. It is believed that coral helps to gain confidence to those people who are looking for a foothold in life and can't decide what I want.
Also astrologers recommend it to people who have the horoscope is well defined and Neptune. In General, if we talk about strict contraindication, coral not only suitable for Capricorn and Virgo. Other signs can wear this stone if they like it. Cancers and Scorpios, as representatives of the water element, also can feel the beneficial effect of this mineral on their fate.