In the first day of the inflammatory process appears painful sensations, redness and swelling, the eyes may twitch. On the second day you may see purulent head. If the inflammation is originated in the hair pouch the lashes, then the swelling will be much stronger because of the violation of the lymph circulation. Immediately may have several styes. It will be a serious burden for the immune system, you may receive temperature, swelling of lymph nodes. If the time to notice and to cauterize the barley, it will heal faster. You can burn rubbing alcohol, iodine or green paint. Should be careful to not get solutions in eyes.
A simple form of barley is held for 5-7 days. Barley ripens, swells and pus erupts. Healing will happen faster if you put the lid tetracycline ointment. Once the pus POPs out, you can do a dry warm up. For this fit a boiled egg. It should be wrapped in a cloth to avoid burns, and apply to the affected area. Heat possible for several hours. To get rid of barley would help the lotions of aloe. You must squeeze the juice of one leaf of a plant, add 10 parts of water. Make lotions three times a day.
There are more complicated cases, when the pus does not go out. If the stye does not heal for more than a week, had poor vision and had a hard seal, then you need to consult a doctor. In this case, you will need surgery to make the incision and bring the pus.
The appearance of the stye is evidence that the body is weakened, and the need to strengthen the immune system. To do it correctly will help the doctor-immunologist. He will prescribe medications, vitamins, minerals, prescribe diet. In the period of maturation and the treatment of barley man is the source of the infection. Must wash hands frequently, less contact with children, to allocate a separate towel and utensils so as not to infect family members.
Sometimes even the internal kind of barley - maybeit. His autopsy is carried out in konjuktivy bag. Then on the eyelid may appear a growth. He is no threat, does not hurt, but aesthetically unattractive, so it is removed surgically.