Indeed, the high the fair sex have a hard time selecting appropriate clothing. The main problems of a tall fashionista - short sleeve, especially outerwear, short pants length and fit of the dress at the waist. In the latter case, the waist usually sits higher than it should be.

Why tall women find it hard to find clothes

Basically the whole range of clothing designed for the average height. In recent years, leading position in the supply of clothing to Russia is China. Many manufacturers open their representative offices in China, as the manufacturing and labor are much cheaper there. And all merchandise that is not certified, the Chinese sew their patterns. According to official data, the average height of Chinese – 155 cm in women and 156 cm in men. In Russian shops are very a lot of counterfeit apparel made in China, though often of good quality. That is why high women, unlike fashionistas with secondary growth, it is sometimes so difficult to find clothes that would be perfect to sit on their figure.

Dress tall women

In Russia, apart from China, supplying clothing many European brands, including Belarusian, and very good quality. Look clothing high fashion should be among them. Very popular clothing company Leggy is a Belarusian brand of clothing, producing models especially for the ladies with high growth. This brand has already well established itself among high women. All the clothes are sewed from high-quality imported materials
on modern equipment. In the stores of this brand you can find clothes from size 42 and trousers on the Russian growth 180-188 to see the Clothes of this Belarusian brand can be purchased in retail stores as well as online delivery
all over the country.

Speaking about Belarusian brands, tall fashionistas should pay attention to another brand of a neighboring state - lakbi at. This brand has a very big range of clothing for high. It will certainly please many fashionistas.

Online shop Long Tall Sally sells clothes especially for tall girls. This trademark for more than 30 years developing collections for tall girls, with all the features of a custom shape. Retail stores are in the USA and the UK. In Russia, the delivery time is 10 days. Also the online store presents a wide selection of European brands.

Those who are crazy about denim, you should look for the suitable jeans for brand Westland. The brand offers models up to a size 36!

Do I need to hesitate tall

Many girls, having a tall, shy features, and for good reason! High girls drawn all the attention, and members of the opposite sex in particular. Only the tall girl can count on a career as a model. Be ashamed of such beautiful data, you do not need to stress that choosing the right clothes. Feel free to wear heels and trousers, they highlight the striking length, excellent
feet. Good shopping!