Layered salad with pickled mushrooms

Simple but hearty and delicious salad recipe marinated mushrooms, potatoes and eggs. It is possible to prepare for their home. But for the holiday table, they also will fit perfectly.

- marinated mushrooms – 250-300 g,
- ham – 300 g eggs – 2-3 PCs.,
- the potatoes in "uniform" - 3 pieces,
- bunch of green onions,
- 3 tablespoons light mayonnaise.

Potatoes peel off the skins and cut in small cubes together with the ham, chopped, eggs (they can be put in a large mug and chop with a fork). Chop the mushrooms and green onions.

Put all ingredients in the work bowl layers, each layer promazyvaya mayonnaise. The order of layers from bottom up: mushrooms, green onions, ham, potatoes, eggs. Then put the salad into the refrigerator for impregnation. Just before serving, turn the contents into a clean bowl so that the mushrooms on top. Simple but delicious and impressive salad is ready.

Chicken salad with pickled mushrooms

And at the same time vitamin rich recipe perfect for the festive table on a summer day.

- ham, chicken,
- marinated mushrooms - 200 grams,
- eggs – 2 PCs.,
- onion – 1 PC.;
tomato – 1 PC.;
- lettuce leaves – 4-5 PCs.
- salt, black pepper, mayonnaise – to taste
- greens for decorating salad.

Pre-chicken fillet boil in salted water. The eggs hard boil. Ham cut in small pieces. Eggs are cool, peel and mash with a fork. Onion peel and shred half rings. Chicken cool and cut into strips. Put in work bowl all the ingredients, except the tomatoes, pepper, salt, add mayonnaise and mix.

Take a flat dish, put in it the salad leaves on top of them lay heaped salad, garnish it with herbs and slices of tomato in a circle. Now the dish can be served on the table.

Salad with marinated mushrooms, cheese and ham

This salad has a distinctive spicy taste, lots of calories and quick cooking. Best of all, this recipe is perfect for a festive table in winter.

- red beans – 1 Bank
ham – 200 g
- hard cheese varieties 250 g
- pickled mushrooms – 250 g
- onion – 1 PC.;
medium size carrots – 1 PC.;
- olive oil – 1 tbsp,
- mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.

Open a can of beans and drain it of all water. Do the same with marinated mushrooms. Place mushrooms and beans in a bowl. Ham cut into thin wedges and send behind the beans in a salad bowl.

Carrots grate on a grater for Korean carrot, onion slice and fry with carrots in vegetable oil. Let cool and add to other ingredients. Season the salad with salt, mayonnaise and pepper. Stir and put in a beautiful bowl. Garnish with greens and serve.