Hyperpigmentation is often caused by excessive sun exposure. For this reason, age spots, and freckles occur on exposed parts of the body: cheeks, forehead, hands, decollete. In some cases light brown spots on the skin are formed due to chronic illness, stress or taking certain drugs for a long time.
The most common cause of hyperpigmentation - aging. Spots of a brownish color on the skin is the accumulation of melanin in the epidermis, the stratum corneum and the dermis. Over time, cells cease to "control" the production of this pigment, and then he unevenly accumulates in the form of unsightly dark spots. In addition, the skin due to "fatigue" of the cells becomes very dry and thin, like parchment paper.
Possible "external" causes of hyperpigmentation that are caused by improperly performed cosmetic procedure (e.g., chemical peels) or skin penetration of certain dyes – microscopic particles of soot, charcoal or graphite. Whatever was the reason for the appearance of hyperpigmentation, it is necessary to struggle, and together with an experienced beautician. Otherwise, the "spotting" can become much more noticeable.
For oily skin often use dense concealer in the form of pencils. They stay long and well applied directly on the pigment spot. Correctors come in a variety of colors – blue, green, orange, white etc. For the correction of pigmentation of the funds should be used blue or light Nude matte with a bluish tint that can neutralize brown spots.
After selecting the desired color, correcta apply to the skin cream, preferably water-based. If age spots are many and they are small, smooth complexion with purple corrector. In order to visually conceal the white patches on the face (vitiligo), we need dark concealer. If the pigmented spots have a yellowish tone, use a purple concealer.
When you apply concealer on the skin, try not to go beyond the spots. The tool is applied with fingers, sponge or a special brush, if there are spots of small sizes. If you disguised the spots correctly, you can choose any kind of makeup that is suitable to your complexion of the face. Apply makeup after you create a continuous tone.