To the masking means include creams, pencils, gels, concealers and correctors. The difference between concealer and corrector is not so large, to a greater extent it is conditional, as concealers of different colors are called correctors, and body – and the concealers. All the tools that are usually used for masking should be selected based on the type of skin.
If the skin is very dry, then it is better to use liquid texture. And my skin is more dense concealers in the form of pencils, as they're much tougher and better cause "pinpoint strikes" on pigment spots.
All masking tools differ only in color – they can be blue, white, brown or even orange. But all of them are made exclusively for masking defects.
Many people may seem strange that masking pigmentation using the tools of blue color or matte light Nude color that has a bluish tint, in turn, neutralizes brown spots.
For freckles of dark brown color it is best to use white color or light corrective concealer pencil. On top of the pencil, you must apply a toner with a minimum content of fatty substances. Otherwise, your makeup will "float" from the warmth of your own skin.
If the number of spots is large or they are very small, even out skin tone you can use the purple corrector. It is better to apply it on your skin using a sponge. In this case, it is important not to paint a scattering of brown spots, but simply to kill. Then apply Foundation, and powder the face with translucent powder with a hint of tan.
In order to mask white spot needed a dark concealer. But be careful, apply it is so that the tool does not hit the boundaries of the spots.
If there are stains of yellowish color, you can safely use a purple concealer.
Be aware that to disguise the pigmentation was subtle and beautiful, it is worth remembering a few rules: to apply better on dry clean skin with fingers or latex sponge; after applying any excess removed with a cloth; after masking the problematic skin area on the face it is necessary to apply Foundation or powder; when applying Foundation we must be very careful not to damage the masking layer.