Examine the regulatory requirements for the preparation of the task in the form of paperwork and report sheets on it (see article 69.2 of the Budgetary Code of the Russian Federation).
In the document, specify the "Purpose" of the task "Users" and "Basic requirements". In the first paragraph to indicate that it must be performed by the contractor on the job (developing a software package to build a structure to hold the event, etc.), the second - for which institutions created order, and in the third – write the basic requirements to the final product. In this part of the document also States the list of persons for which the acquisition of goods/services, delivery of goods or services, the price range in which can be purchase etc. If the document you are for the first time, it makes sense as a sample to use the already executed tasks.
Please note that municipal job must contain indicators on the basis of which to assess the conformity of quality of goods/services offered as part of the job requirements.
In addition to the evaluation criteria, edit job information on the methods and procedure of conducting control over its execution, it makes sense to specify and order an early termination of the execution of municipal tasks.
Give the list of required reporting on the results of execution of the specified job. The last paragraph, specify who and how is funding implementation and also settlement procedure.
Specified in the municipal setting indicators further used in the formation of projects, budget allocation, preparation of budget estimates of government institutions. The implementation of municipal tasks after approval of the budgets is done at the expense of Federal budget funds and external funding sources.