Experts say that do not panic. Over the set of countries is the same turbulence that represent a certain physical phenomenon associated with inhomogeneous air masses. If you look at the picture depicting many frightening phenomena, we can see the air in the form of waves. Some pilots joke that turbulence is similar to puff pastry and sliced the cake. And the plane bounces as a result of collision with twists. To put it simply, waves in the sky can be likened to waves of water (sea, ocean, etc.).

In fact, the plane is shaking not as much as it seems to the passengers. The whole secret of "Ding" is the speed of the aircraft (which is about 900 km/h). Many people in the air are constantly on the nerves, and when you fall into the zone of turbulence, then they start something like panic, and many people think that the plane may crash. Turbulence also occurs when next to each other fly two aircraft.

Interesting fact

You can make experiment with a glass of water. If the plane was moving and Bouncing too powerful, the water would be spilled. But if not, then the passengers in complete safety. That's why it's time to stop thinking of turbulence as something deadly, and you need to treat it as something mandatory, because while flying over many countries can get into a zone. People who are afraid of flight turbulence, the experts called aerofoam.

Flight and turbulence compatible

If people can't get rid of fear, then he needs the help of a professional psychologist. Once the passenger will understand what constitutes the plane, turbulence and the entire flight process, it will no longer adequately respond to everything that happens, influencing the psychological state of the other passengers.

That is why, if the plane hit turbulence, you need to breathe and do something: listen to music, solve crosswords, drink, etc. to distract myself from what was happening.