The "Cavinton"

The main active ingredient of the preparation "Cavinton" is Vinpocetine – in one ampoule of the medication contains 10 milligrams of the substance. Sterile solution for intravenous injection is considered not particularly effective when administered intramuscularly, and the drug is injected into the vein 10 days, and then prescribe two months of taking the pills "Cavinton". "Cavinton-Forte" most effective in pill form since one tablet contains 15 milligrams of Vinpocetine. This regimen is used for chronic and acute disorders of blood circulation in the brain.

In the pharmacies you can buy pill "Cavinton-Forte" with a less large dosage of 5 and 10 milligrams.

Medicinal composition "Cavinton" also allows the use of this drug to patients with heart failure, since Vinpocetine acts very selectively. He is not robbing the heart muscle by increasing the fullness of the cerebral circulatory system and helps to normalize blood circulation in it, thus minimising the risk of myocardial infarction.

Description of the action "Cavinton"

"Cavinton" significantly improves the flow of free oxygen molecules in the cells of the nervous tissue and increases the absorption of glucose. This is a very positive effect on tissue regeneration and the growth of their energy potential – neurons using the drug becomes more secure and much better survive in partial or total oxygen deficiency in the affected parts of the brain.

Doctors often prescribe a "Cavinton" as adequate preventive measures with the threat of development of such severe diseases, like Alzheimer's.

Regular use of "reverse" causes increased permeability hemolytic encephalitic barrier for molecules of oxygen and glucose. Thanks to the Vinpocetine, glucose molecules break up into easily digestible forms without oxygen, and oxidants that cause premature aging of brain tissue, does not accumulate in them. In addition, "Cavinton" concentrates the content of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the structures of the cells and restores lost brain function by increasing mitosis, which occurs with increase of the cell potential on the background of reducing the activity of calcium channels. Also, the drug promotes release of the brain a large number of hormones that suppress the stress and depression that allows the patient to recover faster.

Usage instructions

Most often, "reverse" is used in the form of intravenous infusion solution at the initial stage of disorders of cerebral circulation. At a very early stage of development of the pathology, the probability of complete relief ischemic attack "Cavinton" increases substantially. As a result, doctors can prevent such negative consequences of stroke, like paralysis, disorders of speech, vision loss and so on.

Children and adolescents "Cavinton" can assign in the presence of different forms of reduced brain activity.

Furthermore, the drug successfully used for the neurological manifestations of ischemic lesions of brain, recovery after hemorrhagic stroke, all forms of dementia caused by vascular disorders, vertebrobasilar weak functioning of the device, the internal of atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessels, as well as post-traumatic, hypertensive and diabetic encephalopathy. "Cavinton" is well established in the treatment of diseases of the inner ear and ocular blood vessels caused by blood disorder.

Contraindications to the drug are severe cardiovascular insufficiency cardiac origin and pregnancy. In addition, it is not recommended to use "reverse" in the process of breastfeeding and to the age of three. It is forbidden and in case of suspicion on acute hemorrhagic stroke, but also if this confirmed the diagnosis.

The Use Of "Cavinton"

At the initial stage of therapy "Cavinton" administered intravenously at 25 mg 1 time per day. The drug is diluted with isotonic saline or 5% glucose solution, the amount of which is not less than 500 milligrams. Prolonged recovery phase "Cavinton" is assigned in tablet form, 1 tablet with a dosage of 5, milligramme taken 3 times a day.

A direct analog of the "reverse" is "Vinpocetine", which differs from the original only less high value at the same efficiency.

In the treatment of atherosclerosis and hypertension the drug is administered 1 tablet (10 milligrams) 3 times a day. "Cavinton" in these cases you should drink throughout the month. Children the drug can take three years of age 1 tablet (2.5 mg) 3 times a day up until the doctor will not be diagnosed with persistent therapeutic effect.