It is believed that the clothing of the rappers evolved from prison uniforms, and the rap was created by black prisoners. If to speak in General terms, fans of this subculture can wear the following garments. First and foremost, this hoodies and t shirt large. Guys-rappers love these things due to the fact that they are very comfortable, do not hinder movements and visually enhance the silhouette. Even slender young man will look in this garb some more, not to mention broad-shouldered men athletic. T-shirt can contain the actual hip-hop culture, texts, images famous "villains" napersnogo the world.
Wide nishapuri pants – another stylish feature of the image of the rapper. This can be, for example, tight jeans with lots of patch pockets with Velcro-closure, decorated with dangling chains or not having them. There is a version that originally pants rappers were wide, to be able to carry the weapons, alcoholic beverages and even drugs. The cargo often was great, pants were lowered - as can be seen now.
Have repertoi cap has a straight visor. It is worn over a bandana – special scarves made from spandex. One of the varieties of this bandanas called duragal, which is worn like a bandage. Solitaire is necessary in order that it could not fly ribarska cap. The cap is a mandatory part of the ammunition rappers. When falling on the pavement during melee fights straight visor category head from severe damage.
Rappers prefer jackets as large size as the t-shirt. It can be obytny men winter jacket-Alaska or leather jacket.
The quality of the Shoe representatives repertoi culture wear sneakers and shoes. Have sneakers a great upgrade, they are quite wide, can be Velcro or laces. If we are talking about sneakers, it's worth noting that they have to be white. For inclement weather rappers wear shoes-timberland is coarse shoes beige tones. The name of these shoes came from the brand Timberland.
Different medallions talking about accessories rapper to a specific clan. Each clan has its own kind of locket worn on a chain around his neck. Such an identification mark may take the form of throwing stars, and thus to be a means of self-defense. Also, the medallion may be the name brand clothes, he loves the rapper or the name of the holder of this decoration.