Holiday in Turkey you will definitely need a passport. You will need it as soon as you start to arrange tour from a tour operator. A passport must be obtained in the Migration Service of the Russian Federation on your place of residence at least three weeks in advance. If you travel with children, do not forget to enter them in your passports. Adult children need their own passport. In the passport upon entry to Turkey will paste a stamp – a temporary visa that gives you the right to stay in the country for two months. It costs about 20 euros.
After you choose and pay for your tour, you will receive from the operator a package of necessary documents. Among them must be tickets for everyone who goes along with you. Sometimes children under two years fly to Turkey without a ticket, but age need to check with your tour operator. Also needs to be a return ticket, otherwise you risk to remain without a vacation. The package of documents should be a voucher for a hotel booking. This voucher must be the name of your chosen hotel, its food system, type of placement, the date when you will enter and leave the hotel.
If you go to Turkey alone, you do have to take care of the hotel booking. Reserve a hotel room for a day with a home computer via the Internet. Then print the invitation on the printer. This document you can show to passport control. Arriving in Turkey, you can cancel your booking and travel anywhere you. In this case, the hotels are removed from your card payment by a day or nothing is removed.
Turkey may need insurance. Independent travelers will have to take care of this himself; and those who chose a tour from a tour operator, this document is in the overall package. Insurance the names of all insurers, vacation dates and the amount that will be paid in case of trouble. When buying a tour, you can choose the type of insurance. When signing, carefully read the terms of insurance, in the event of such a point there was no misunderstandings.
When entering the country also verify that you have cash. But remember: if you take out cash more than $ 3,000, you should get a certificate-permit for the export of cash from your Bank.
Also when buying a tour from a tour operator in the package of documents must be paid for all trips and additional services. Pay it much attention. Sometimes when you departure on the excursion ticket is not paid and you have no place among travellers.
Among the documents in Turkey is also a reminder to the tourist. In this memo written about the Turkish people, their customs and traditions, additional hotels and their currency. Often also in the memo are the rules of conduct in a foreign country, peculiarities of communication with the Turks.