How to choose a phone for a pensioner?

According to experts, the phone model for the pensioner should be moderately simple. The phone, which the retiree will be convenient to use must have the following characteristics:

- contrast screen is large in size with support for large fonts;

- minimum number of buttons and other controls.

- large buttons, preferably convex, and the bright lights;

- easy and intuitive menu with the optimal set of features;

- the presence of a powerful battery with a capacity of at least 1,000 mAh to charge the phone every three to four days).

We should also mention the SOS button, which is equipped with some models of mobile phones. This button is located on the back or front of the phone is large and bright in color. In order to use the SOS button, you need to connect it to any phone number – the emergency services, your doctor or someone close to you. If the owner of the phone need urgent help, he will not have to dial the number or search the desired contact in the phone book, and click on the SOS button.

With regard to the appearance and size of the phone, everything is fairly simple: fit the model classical design, which has a large size, fits well in hand and has a non-slip surface.

How to choose a tariff for a pensioner?

Almost all mobile operators offer special tariffs for pensioners. But to choose the first and best at first glance, the rate still not worth it. Seek advice from consultants cellular is not always the correct decision. Most are not competent enough in addition, they work with a percentage of sales, so they often offer customers rates that are beneficial to them. So to solve this problem better on their own.

What to consider when choosing a tariff of cellular communication for a pensioner? The first thing to focus on parameters such as efficiency and ease of use. Older people are accustomed to count money and know the price of every item, so when the choice must pay attention to its "transparency".

The person who will use the tariff must be clear what money is withdrawn from your phone, and it should be able to control the cost of calls. Avoid complex tariff plans, which combine several different calculation systems (e.g., subscription, per-minute charge in the same tariff plan).

It is important to at least roughly estimate how many minutes of the conversation is planned in a month. Of course, it will all individually: some people prefer to spend long hours alone and to call relatives once a week, and someone wants to chat more often. Based on this condition and choose a tariff plan for pensioners. In the first case, suitable inexpensive per minute rate, but for a more "talkative" optimal tariff plan with a monthly subscription fee.

Pay attention to tariff options. For example, if grandma or grandpa for a long time talking on the phone with someone close to you, you can connect them to the tariff option of unlimited conversations with one or two subscribers. It is offered by many mobile operators, and it will allow you to save really a significant amount. And most importantly, people will know that with the close people you can talk as you like, without worrying about the cost of calls.