All of the following plants wonderful feel in dark rooms where there is not enough sun. Pots can be placed away from Windows in the depths of space.
The beauty of a plant called aglaonema — amazing mottled oblong leaves. This flower is not too demanding to care, it grows slowly and does not require transplantation less frequently than every three years. Aglaonema likes moist air and heat, so it must be periodically sprayed, however, she is not friendly with direct sunlight. It is not necessary to grow it in full shade, because it hurts the decorative leaves which in the absence of sunlight lose their intricacy.
One of the most hardy plants — aspidistra. The English call this plant cast iron. Aspidistra will not damage rare no watering, no dirty air, or low humidity, but direct sunlight can severely burn its leaves, so a pot of this flower it is advisable to keep away from the window. To transplant aspidistra once in five years and only in case of emergency.
Asplenium is another shade-loving plant. It is a fern, and pretty great, its decorative leaves can reach lengths of over two feet. Like all ferns, Asplenium prefers moist air and shade, it should be regularly sprayed. It is not necessary to place the pot of this plant near the battery as warm and dry air can hurt Asplenium.
Poinsettia is a wonderful and very undemanding plant. Most people know it under the name "Christmas star", since the poinsettia blooms in time for the Catholic Christmas. The care of this flower is very simple. Poinsettia can grow in any place where there is no draft, the shadow does not harm her, as the bright rays of the sun, she does not love, and too much lighting can do to slow down the formation of buds. If you have insulated balcony is the perfect place for a poinsettia, as with the mid-autumn it is necessary to carry out in complete darkness no less than fourteen hours, this ensures early flowering for the New year. Blooming flowers can last on the plant for up to six months, especially if the room temperature is not too high.
Maranta tricolor is an extraordinarily beautiful plant, which has leaves with a distinct complex pattern. This plant does not like direct sunlight, prefers abundant watering and very humid air. To Maranta pleasing to the eye, be sure to regularly water and spray. Transplanted it no often than every two years, and the pot is better to take plastic because it better holds water.