Physiologically the body stipulates that the fruit must develop in the uterus, the walls of this organ are very flexible and can be stretched dozens of times. However, it is not always the ovum comes from the beginning of the journey to the uterus. Causes of tubal pregnancy may be a violation of the patency of the infundibulum, caused by the adhesions or scarring. Such effects arise as a result of the inflammatory diseases, and surgical operations. Anatomical congenital anomalies of the position of the tube can cause ectopic pregnancy.
If the pipe is narrow and highly convoluted, the passage of the fertilized egg difficult. Hormonal disorders can also lead to tubal pregnancy. Remember that moving along the tube, the fertilized egg continues its growth, and disturbances in the hormonal background of an organism slows down the process of movement. That is, under the influence of hormones there is a reduction of muscle tissue and the embryo is directed to the uterus, and failure of hormonal background of the infundibulum run poorly and the egg "stands" on the spot.
If the fertilized egg stayed in the middle part of the fallopian tube, the gap is inevitable in the very early stages - 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy. Distimicescie part of the pipe is narrow and can increase up to 2 millimeters. Keep in mind that a four-week embryo has a size of about a millimeter, the further growth of the embryo stretches the tube, and soon takes her break. This process is accompanied by severe pain and internal bleeding that required emergency surgery.
You may not know about ectopic pregnancy to 2-3 months if the fertilized egg is implanted in the lower part of the fallopian tube adjacent to the uterus. Such long terms due to the fact that the interstitial Department of fallopian tube contains more elastic muscle layer that is well supplied with blood. The fertilized egg can grow up to 3-5 mm and does not signal an ectopic pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancy at such time, you feel all of the symptoms characteristic of this condition. You may receive toxicosis, quick fatigue and mild dizziness that is observed natural signs, as in a normal pregnancy. Then comes the moment when the fallopian tube can't stretch, it just bursts. The body thus experiences severe pain may be loss of consciousness. Such as directly life-threatening and require early surgical intervention.
Ectopic pregnancy if the fertilized egg is located in the ampullar Department of the fallopian tube, rupture of the organ occurs closer to 4-8 weeks. The ampullar part of the tube located near the ovary and not bonded to it tight, so the pipe rupture is rare, and often increased the fertilized egg, to a size of 1-2 mm, falls into the abdominal cavity. If the lumen of the pipe is deformed, then there is rupture and required immediate surgery.