Cause of ectopic pregnancy is tubal obstruction. Adhesions, infections, inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, abortion in the past – the main cause of obstruction of the pipes. In addition, the fallopian (uterine) tubes can lose their ability to contract normally, the fertilized egg moves to the uterus and gets implanted in the tube. Diseases of the uterus, in which the entrance is sealed, is also one of the common causes of tubal pregnancy. This may happen due to surgery on the uterus, abortion or difficult births in history.
Meandering, long and narrow tubes found in sexual infantilism and endocrine disorders may represent too long a distance for the fetus. He's starting to grow hairs and the further movement of the tube becomes impossible.
The fallopian tubes do not have the necessary elasticity to stretch after growing embryo. The gap occurs at the moment of greatest tension – the fabric is torn, bleeding occurs that threatens pelvioperitonitis or extensive peritonitis, depending on the break.
If the pregnancy started to develop in the ampoule, the widest part of the pipe, rupture occurs at the period of 8-9 weeks. If the embryo were implanted in the isthmus, the danger of a rupture starts from the 5th week. Sometimes a rupture does not occur and tubal pregnancy tubal abortion ends, that is, the ovum detaches and falls into the cavity of the uterus. If a woman saw a doctor and did ultrasound, tubal abortion may be perceived by her as a miscarriage. This is the most favorable development of tubal pregnancy, as the integrity of the pipes saved and serious complications were avoided.
Even if you do not plan to be observed by the obstetrician, be sure to visit the office ultrasound. Ultrasound pregnant with a term of less than 12 weeks to do any private clinic. The fertilized egg must be in the uterus, if the specialist does not see it in the uterus, probably pregnant tube. You should immediately contact a fertility clinic. Women with this conclusion, I accept without reservation.
Ectopic pregnancy the level of hormone HCG is usually lower in lab will tell you the exact value, but in the home pregnancy test can be informative. Poorly painted, hardly noticeable second stripe when the expected duration of pregnancy more than 4 weeks or when it is delayed more than 2 weeks is cause for concern. With uterine pregnancy the level of HCG doubles every day, which does not occur in the pipe.
As soon as the tube begins to stretch, the woman noted abdominal pain localized on the side of the tubal pregnancy. Pain can be pulling, cramping, to give back, lower back, shoulder. If time does not go to the doctor, there is a rupture of the pipe at this point, the woman feels a sudden sharp pain, then join the symptoms of internal and external bleeding. Pallor, weakness, cold sweats, vaginal discharge spotting. At a time neokazanii assistance can be fatal.
Modern medicine is able to save the fallopian tube due to invasive surgical interventions. Remove pipe today – an extreme measure. To minimize the risk of an ectopic pregnancy, you should plan your pregnancy and follow the doctor's instructions. A woman today has the ability to have a baby even after an ectopic pregnancy – tactics planning, selects the attending physician.