The practical use of vaccinations

Made BCG vaccination in the hospital after a couple of days after the birth of a baby. This vaccination helps in the prevention of tuberculosis. She really can not prevent the fact of infection, nevertheless it is not useless and not harmful, as many now believe.

This vaccine protects against the transition to overt disease latent infection. The effectiveness of this was noted in 70% of vaccinees. 100% protection of vaccinated against tuberculosis meningitis, tuberculosis of bones and joints, and other severe forms of the disease. The use of the vaccine significantly reduced the incidence of tuberculosis in children, and from the very beginning its use in children is extremely rare form of tuberculous meningitis, regardless of their social status.

Why vaccinate so early?

Typically, the vaccination takes place on the 4th day after birth, do her in the left shoulder.

Early vaccination is that in modern society is not all know that are carriers of tuberculosis. Such persons are contagious and dangerous to those that receive no treatment, and then disease them all the time progresses. Meet virus, the child can very early on the way home from the hospital.

Doctors have found that the earlier infection occurs, the more the probability of transition of the infection into the disease stage. With the early age associated diseases and the adverse complications and a severe course of the disease. It is therefore important to get vaccinated as soon as possible that the kid has time to develop immunity.

Vaccine strain BCG can cause real diseases, but the immune system is produced the same as after an illness. The use of killed vaccines is impossible, or rather, inefficient - in order to develop immunity, the body needs to fight the virus in the body or its substitute. This vaccine is used worldwide and analogues have not yet invented.

Typically, this vaccine compared to the least-known DTP tolerated by the body easily. But complications are possible in any case, and each case should be analyzed individually.

The harmful components in the vaccine

Currently, many refuse to be vaccinated, arguing that the vaccine contain such harmful components as phenol and mercury.

In order to save the vaccine, do use preservatives, since otherwise the period of her life will be very small and will increase the risk of falling into the child's body defective drug.

If the parents decided for themselves for one reason or another, from vaccinations to give up - no one has the right to force them to this or on this basis to refuse to provide medical care or kindergarten. The decision about the treatment your child receives each individually.