In the national calendar July 11 - the day nettle Shrovetide. In these days lost of the healing power of plants, but also significantly increase protective magic. It is also good to collect nettles when the moon is waxing (especially in the early days).

Nettles to create amulets and protective talismans cut special designed for this knife. Or broken with bare hands. But do not pluck the magic herb of the earth by the roots! In this case, completely breaks the sacred bond of the plants where grown. And lost the main part of magical power.

To treat or prepare vitamin soups, salads it is better to use young nettle. But "adult" old nettles is more suitable for magical rituals.

Nettles will protect from negative attacks, if you carry dried leaf as a protective amulet. The magical properties of this plant increases determination, bravery, courage and honesty, everything that programs to achieve victory.

Dry nettle will protect from the evil eye and curses. A bundle of dried nettle which you will hang above the front door, will protect you and your home from any evil spirits.

Woven Mat made of stinging nettle fibers and put by the front door will protect from evil thoughts to all who will come.

If you burn a dry twig, nettle and pursue it throughout the dwelling, you can clean all the rooms from stratified negativity.

If the smoldering sprig of nettle three times to fumigate around the person, it is possible to remove the evil eye or a simple curse (except the generic). Also fumigation with nettles establishes sleep and protects against nightmares.

If, on the growing moon to do a ritual broom and sweep clockwise all the rooms, so you can remove all evil.

If you put a pillow under the child a few leaves of nettles, the child will not often be sick and will sleep better.