Coca-Cola as a cleaning agent

Coca-Cola can easily clean the kettle from scale. You need to pour it in and leave overnight. In the morning, the kettle inside is like new. The same method can be cleaned from plaque car radiator.

"Coca-Cola" you can clean jewelry. To do this, you must put them in a glass of drink for 1-1. 5 hours, and then just slightly to make it brush. However, it is not worth doing if the jewelry has any stones. It is very harmful for them.

Burnt pan easy to return to pristine condition with the help of "Coca-Cola". To do this, pour her a drink and bring to boil. The result will not keep itself waiting.

Coca-Cola poured into the toilet, makes it much cleaner, and tile it can be cleaned from scale and rust.

"Coca-Cola" for the hair

Coca-Cola is a good conditioner for hair. It contained the acid neutralizes the alkaline effect of the shampoo. Enough to pour Coke on his head, rinse and dry.

If after painting hair color is too rich, "Coca-Cola" to make it lighter.

Other uses for Coca-Cola in the economy

Coca-Cola will get rid of slugs in the garden. Just pour it in the broad and flat saucer and place in the garden. Its sweet smell will lure the slugs in the bucket, and out they can't.

If not, Unscrew the bolt, and it will help Coca-Cola. Want to soak a rag in it and wrapped around the bolt, leave for 2-3 hours. After this procedure, the bolt will get loose much easier.

Washed "Coca-Cola" glass will have a natural Shine and will leave streaks.

Using Coke you can make the photo aged and lightly spray her drink and immediately wiping. The main thing is not to make it too wet can ruin it.