How to take glycine

The drug used buccal or sublingual administration. In the first case refers to the absorption of tablets in the cheek, and the second under the tongue. The dose for adults is 100-200 mg per dose, and for children 50-100 mg. the reception Frequency 2-3 times per day.

To improve sleep glycine should be used in a dosage of 100 mg for adults and 50 mg for children 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime. The length of treatment may be 15-30 days, and if necessary may be increased after consultation with your doctor.

Glycine is shown in a number of diseases and disorders. It is prescribed for stressful situations, deviant behavior in children, to increase attention span and improve memory, neuroses. Also, the drug is shown during removal of a person from binge and relieve withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, the glycine helps with strokes, after head injuries.

During treatment you may experience allergic reaction. Also you should control blood pressure. With a strong lower AD should reduce the dose of the drug. If you have any other side effects that you associate with the use of glycine, immediately consult a physician to adjust therapy.