Solutions for inhalers, cough

For inhalation for coughs , it is recommended to use the following drug solutions:
- bronchodilators ("berotek", "Salym", "Flomax"),
- mucolytic agent ("Travis", "Mucosolvan", "Fluimucil").
To relieve inflammation inhaler filled with solutions "Pulmicort", "good cough medicine". Permitted to combine medicinal solutions every ten minutes, but not mixing them. The drug should be diluted only with saline, the solution temperature should be not less than 20oC.

If the cough caused by acute laryngotracheitis, accompanied by stenosis of the larynx or acute attack of bronchial mast inhaler is used as a means of "emergency". Drugs can be used since the appearance of the first symptoms of obstruction or stenosis. Medication is diluted with sodium chloride. To relieve an attack of cough in the bronchial mast, laryngospasm at home and in hospital use "Flomax", single dose for children under 6 years of age should not be more than 10 drops daily, no more than 30 drops. For children six to twelve years one-time dose is 10-20 drops daily, 30-60 drops. The dose of the drug is diluted in a volume of saline for one inhalation. To relieve an attack of bronchial mast, stenosis of the larynx applies "Pulmicort". It can be used in children from six months of the initial daily dose of 0.25-05 mg Necessary dose of medication diluted in two to four milliliters of saline. Procedures should be carried out twice a day.

Expectorants inhalations

In the presence of unproductive cough with difficult expectoration of effective inhalation of expectorant drugs. For the treatment of cough in bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma appoint "Mucosolvan (Ambroxol"). There are special solutions of these preparations intended for inhalation. Single dose for children under two years of age is 1 ml plus the volume of saline solution inhalation do twice a day. For children from two to six years single dose is 1 ml, the procedure is performed three times a day, for children from six years of single dose is 2 ml, the patients two to four times a day. The course of treatment should last five to ten days.

To liquefy phlegm and facilitating the allocation is used for inhalation of "ACC", "Fluimucil", "Acetylcysteine" (children from two years). Prescribed 10% solution of 2-3 ml per procedure, which perform two times daily, course of treatment should be 5-10 days. Dry cough can help inhalation sodium chloride solution, soda solution. To relieve an attack of dry obsessive cough prescribe inhalation with lidocaine. They are carried out only under medical supervision.