Advice 1: Like to congratulate the grandmother with the birthday

The grandma's birthday is a special festival. In the past she had a lot more birthdays than left in the future, and who knows what the holiday will be the last. Why so eager to please grandmother unusual greeting. However, to come up with something original is not easy.
Every year the grandchildren have to wrestle, inventing interesting ideas for a gift for grandma's birthday. So you want to Express your love in some unusual gift, which not just pleased the grandmother, but also showed her how much she means to your loved ones.

A bouquet of flowers with delivery

Women love flowers, it is almost an axiom. And the woman remains a woman at any age, so a beautiful bouquet of flowers is sure to delight grandma. Of course, flowers are nice, but how can such a gift be considered original? To make this gift truly memorable, you can order flowers with home delivery: grandma will probably be pleasantly surprised, having seen the courier with flowers. So as not to arouse jealousy in my grandfather's day the bouquet is to attach a postcard with greetings and signatures of all family members.

The tree of life

A bouquet of flowers will wither, leaving behind only pleasant memories. But a living tree in a pot for a long time will grow and delight grandmother. This gift can be presented very differently if attached to the twigs of the plant are small cards with congratulations and good wishes. If on a tree to hang photos of family members, an ordinary houseplant becomes a real family tree. All the living relatives who fall on this tree, I can write greetings on the back of the photos.

The book with the family history

Very unusual gift, which, however, have to work hard – a unique book with a family history. In this book, first and foremost, you should gather all the basic information about the life of the birthday girl: and where she was born, the circumstances under which I met my future husband, to talk about education, work, friends. Of course, it is necessary to tell and about other family members, often grandmothers love their loved ones stronger than themselves.

This book should not be a dry listing of dates and biographical data, do not turn the gift in the dossier. Better to add more cute spiritual stories grandma nice to remember. If such a book is to add interesting photos, beautifully adorned and order quality prints – it will be a real treasure that grandma would proudly show all her friends and fun to flip through at your leisure. If there is no time to mess with writing a book, you can just collect pictures of relatives, friends, and arrange them in a beautiful album.

Advice 2: How to make beautiful and original bouquet

The bouquet is one of the most traditional gifts. However, the acquisition of already issued colors is not always beneficial. Moreover, the decorative elements may not be suitable to the case or not match the recipient's preferences. The perfect solution would be self-service bouquet.


How to present a bouquet


Modern bouquet can impress even the most discerning buyer. Master florists are constantly coming up with new ways to design flowers using unexpected and very beautiful materials. However, these masterpieces are hard to compete with bouquets, assembled and decorated themselves. Indeed, in such gifts the donor puts a piece of themselves, their emotions and feelings.

Beautiful design of the bouquet an interesting and exciting process. The easiest option: to create an unusual wrapper. As it, for example, you can use artificially aged paper, self-embroidered fabric, woven from fine wire mesh and so on a creative approach to the choice of the tape. In the role it can play baubles of thread, beaded lace, ring, fishing line strung with beads, etc.

The original design of the bouquet, you can use soft toys. As the decoration will look best products small size. Attach them to the flowers is not: toys can damage plants. Better secure the add-on long sticks and insert into the bouquet.

A classic part is a gift set candy+bouquet". This combination can be easily combined in a beautiful and spectacular gift. Wrap the candy pieces of tissue or colored crepe paper. Mount them on a thin wire/sticks and add to the bouquet. Attach a small gift card.


The design of the bouquet in the formulation


Unfortunately, the flowers do not always look beautiful. Sometimes the charm is lost due to improper vase, sometimes due to the wrong approach of the florist. However, this situation is easily corrected by having a beautiful bouquet during the installation.

If the vase is too big for bouquets, clip it will help put on the bottom of the decorative stones. Especially beautiful look of stained glass. Another option is to select a smaller capacity, not focusing on her appearance. Then a little bowl/Cup/mug, etc. place in a large vase, and the free space decorate. For example, sprinkle confetti, glitter, streamers. Also inside you can lay a vase (without water) colored or shiny paper, cloth.

If you think that bouquet looks disharmonious, feel free to disassemble it. For single colors find a nice container. Best option: a long narrow vase or bottle with a high neck.

Very often the question arises: whether to remove the beautiful rustling of the wrapper before installing a bouquet. If it is nice and looks good, the packaging may make it mushy and boring. If you are not satisfied with the General appearance of a present, feel free to remove his upper clothes." Also, this "strip" is important when placing multiple bouquets in one large container (e.g. in the bucket).

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