Instant coffee first appeared in the United States about 100 years ago. The popularity of the drink rose significantly during the First world war, as coffee was delivered to the front.

The production of instant coffee

For the production of a drink using 3 methods: spray granulation and freeze drying. Spraying of liquid coffee prepared from grains 2nd class occurs in a particular cylinder, on which surface the droplets dry quickly. The result is a powder, easily soluble in water.

Granulated coffee obtained after processing of the coffee solution by special techniques. This allows you to make a higher quality product, with a pronounced flavor of coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee more close in quality to molotow. This greatly affects the price – freeze-dried coffee is considered to be the most expensive of instant beverages. During freeze drying, the liquid is subjected to freezing. Then the frozen mass is crushed and treated in vacuum conditions.

Remember that instant coffee is produced from beans are not the best quality. So it is not comparable drink made from well-roasted ground beans.

How to choose the best instant coffee

Powdered coffee, ground almost to a state of dust, is considered low-grade. Features of the process lead to the fact that some varieties have a pronounced burnt flavor. In addition, powder of soluble coffee has a salty taste.

Most connoisseurs of instant coffee prefer granular or sublimated drink. Numerous examinations showed a stable and high quality has a coffee brand Carte Noire.

Since freeze-dried varieties are considered the best, experts have identified various brands of coffee, check their quality standards. For example, freeze-dried drink should dissolve completely in cold water for 3 minutes.

As a result of researches it was found that Moccona has a slight scent and not strong taste. Instant coffee Bushido failed the test the dissolution rate, but met all expectations for taste and aromatic qualities.

Jacobs Monarch showed weak results in the determination of taste and smell. In addition, the manufacturer did not provide any information about the drink, except for the method of its preparation. Jardin coffee has a slightly sour taste and smell.

Nescafe Gold – very fragrant drink. However, his taste is clearly losing the smell. MacCoffee you'll be bitter taste and almost no aroma.