What kind of water to fill iron

First of all, it depends on what you iron. If the device is equipped with a special antinakipin coating, you can safely substitute it under the faucet and thus gain a regular water. But the more simple models of irons, unfortunately, such functions do not possess. They require only clean water without any impurities in its composition. Remember that when using poor quality water life of the iron is reduced in several times, and sometimes the device may malfunction.

Methods of water treatment for iron

To make the water safe for iron install in the house a special instrument cleaning fluid. Or buy simple water filters for these purposes, which will cope with the task not worse the more powerful devices. In addition, you can use boiled water from the tap, but too frequently is not recommended, as it, albeit in small quantities still remain various impurities.

Bottled purified or distilled water

As mentioned earlier, iron is necessary to fill only purified water. But what exactly is it cleaning? The removal of all present minerals, salts and other chemical elements. Therefore, if you have no possibility to install special filters at home, use distilled or bottled water. For the production of such water use a special method of iron removal and softening, and coarse mechanical filters, which makes it absolutely safe for the children, not to mention such a device as iron. To buy purified water in bottles in a conventional store or ordered in a specialized firm. The latter, incidentally, much cheaper.

Water from the well or wells

Some private building owners believe that water from the well or wells are completely clean, especially if the reservoir fluid is equipped with a special filter. Accordingly, it is this water they poured into the iron – absolutely not acceptable! In the well or wells (even with filter) still remain particles of harmful trace elements. From the use of such liquid in the compartment of the iron for filling of water will remain limescale, to eliminate that in the future will be very difficult. Anyway specialists do not recommend to use water from artificial reservoirs for any household purposes, and especially for drinking.

Useful advice

To iron with a steam function will serve you for as long as possible, regularly wash his boiler – compartment to fill the water with a special composition: 1.5 l, uxw dissolve in 1 tbsp. of clean water and pour the proceeds into the iron. Slightly shake the device, leave for a few minutes, then drain liquid. In any case, do not press the steam button! This method will help you to quickly clean your iron from limescale.