Purchase mukomolno. Is a machine that grinds grain at home. It works on electric drive. Inside mukomachi two millstones that grind grain into flour. Not grinding in mukomolno seeds, nuts and other grains that contain a lot of oil.
Grinding the grain in a homemade mill. There are manual and electric mills. In an electric grain mills faster, but if you need a small amount of flour – 1-2 kg, then a manual mill is enough.
Make grinding grain in a meat grinder with fine screen. This method is good for sprouted grains, or to obtain bran, because as a result of grinding in the meat grinder and grain flour shell are mixed into a homogeneous mass.
Use a wooden hammer and thick plastic bag. Pour grain in the package, tie it tightly, make sure the package was not excessive air. Tap with force hammer package a few minutes. This way you can use if you need to grind grain in field conditions, where food processors and grinders is not in sight.
The grinding of grain blender. But blender you cannot use long in operation, so much flour in this way you will not get.
Purchase the grinder. If the grinder grinds the grain with knives, in addition to coffee, it better nothing is grinding, otherwise it will fail. And coffee grinder with millstones can be processed in a variety of cereals: buckwheat, wheat, rice and others.
Use the mills on the elevators. Grind 2-3 kg of grain on an industrial mill, no one will agree. But if you need to grind a large amount of grain products is the best way.
Use the mortar and pestle. This is perhaps the most ancient method of grinding grain at home. This is a laborious method requiring time and patience. It is well suited for coffee beans or spices.