If a man had a dream and, waking up, wants to know what dream fish in the aquarium, it is worth noting that this dream always heralds a change that needs to happen in the near future. I must say, that dreams of this kind often see women, because water is a female element.


If fish in the aquarium dream a young girl, it means that she will soon marry. However, self-fulfilling prophecy can only be the case if the tank has a large volume, and the number floating in it a great fish defies account. If the colour of most of the fish are bright and colorful, the future husband is a man of wealthy and even rich. If in a dream among the thickets of aquarium swam assorted fish, it is not a good sign: understanding the marriage will not happen, everyone will try to take the place of the head of the family. This may arise because of the large age difference between spouses, differences in religion and conventional views on life and parenting.

Very important is the purity of the water in the aquarium. If it is transparent, like a tear, upcoming changes will bring only joy and pleasure, if it is cloudy and dirty, things don't work out. If sleep sees someone changes the fish water, in life are worth waiting for drastic, dramatic changes for the most part positive. If having fish in the aquarium, which sleep feeding himself, the coming days will be monotonous and monotonous, filled with the usual routine work. If sleep feeding fish are happy, the long work on some project comes to an end and will bring worthy results.

What else predicts this dream

If you dream of dead fish in the aquarium, do not avoid the sad events and news. If the tank for some reason, were empty, sleeping can trap the failure and deception. If fish in the aquarium, it is often the interpretation associated with the new nascent novel. It is very important to remember how fish behave in relation to each other: if we swam together all the time, then the novel can go to something more if the wives of the aquarium diverged in different directions, so will be the outcome.

Goldfish floating in the aquarium, promises the sleeping profit. If she's having fun and playing in clean water, should prepare for the exciting journey associated with certain expenses. If the inhabitant of the aquarium swims alone, sleeping can be confident that the event, which he had so long waited for, will happen soon. And the bigger the fish, the more completely fulfilled what he had dreamed. If a young woman in the dream catches fish with his hands, it could spell her impending pregnancy.