Be sure to visit Budva. The city was founded about 2.5 years ago, and the whole is a monument of culture. Budva – the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. However, this does not prevent him from being the largest resort center of the country. It is famous not only architectural landmarks, but also beautiful sandy beaches and nightlife.

Come to the Bar – another ancient city of Montenegro. In the architecture of the old town of this ancient city intricately intertwined, the characteristic features of Islamic and Roman-Gothic settlements. The new part of the city is a modern centre of the resort with all its inherent attributes.

Visit Cetinje, if you want to feel the spirit of a small country. Cetinje – the historical capital of the country, the center of religious life in Montenegro. There are many museums, old buildings, beautiful palaces. Here is the monastery, which houses the Christian relic – the right hand of John the Baptist.

Arriving in Montenegro, don't miss the opportunity to visit Podgorica, the capital of the country. It is the largest city of Montenegro. He is not as rich in cultural monuments, as other settlements, but it is able to interest even the most experienced tourist with its museums, galleries and theatres.
Herceg Novi

Go to Herceg Novi for health and peace of mind. Where else to improve their health, nor in the "Botanical garden of Montenegro"? The so-called Herceg Novi. This green coastal town famous for its ancient architecture and many attractions, inherited from the Greeks, Romans, Turks, the French and the Spaniards. And when you are tired of excursions – go to the beach. The benefit of their in the vicinity of Herceg Novi for every taste.

While in Montenegro, be sure to visit Lovcen. Mountain Lovcen is located in the eponymous national Park, is a symbol of Montenegro. From the summit offers magnificent panoramas that will take your breath away even for experienced tourists. Here at the top of the mountain is the mausoleum of Petar Njegos, a famous ruler, reformer and poet of Montenegro.
Skadar lake

Go to Skadar lake, if you are a lover of ecotourism. Lake Skadar, the biggest lake of the Balkans, located on the territories of Montenegro and Albania. This is a real Paradise, inhabited by pelicans and water lilies are in bloom. On the lake here and there scattered Islands. Some of them built still existing monasteries and churches.

This city, founded during the Roman Empire, is located in the most beautiful place of the Adriatic. In 1979 Kotor as the best preserved example of medieval architecture of the Adriatic, was taken under protection of UNESCO. The city is famous not only for its ancient architecture, monuments and cozy beaches. There are always folk festivals, theatrical performances and carnivals, which gives the right to call itself the cultural capital of Montenegro.