Definitely timely proplyvaya beds from various weeds that attract butterflies-cabbage white. It is recommended every fall to go dig in the beds to prevent cabbage white. Try to plant cabbage and other crops in the early stages, preferably prior to departure butterfly butterflies.
To scare away the butterflies, you can plant a few bushes of eggplant or tomato in the beds of cabbage, because the cabbage butterflies can't stand their smell. It is also possible during the day to lay fresh sprigs of wormwood in order to flush the scent of butterflies.
If you are not the enemy of chemistry, the use of different bacterial preparations. Effective: entobacterin 1%, dipel 0.8 percent Hamelin of 0.5 %.
To combat white try the traditional methods of struggle. For example, in 1 liter of water add 10 g of dry white mustard and leave for two days, strain, add another 5 liters of water and prepare a solution to spray the beds with cabbage. Or in 10 l of water add 50 ml of liquid ammonia and cabbage also spray the bushes ready solution.
Because the cabbage white butterfly does not transfer odors can be outrival bushes a small amount of tobacco or red pepper.