The popularity of online auctions is due to several factors:
– the ability to buy goods, the variety of which is not limited range of retail outlets;
- fairly low prices compared to the value of similar goods in stores;
- the opportunity to purchase rare and exclusive products;
- passion and satisfaction from the transaction.

Among the registered users of the online auctions not only to professional sellers and those who sell or buy goods on the Internet is analogous to campaign in a thrift store. Russian users prefer both foreign and domestic Internet auctions.
The advantage of working with foreign sites is a larger number of participants, and the Russian auctions attract a user-friendly interface and low shipping cost due to the lack of customs duties.

The most popular foreign online auctions

The most popular platform for shopping and selling goods online is a website It is not only the world's first site of its kind and has, to date, the largest audience. In many countries, including in Russia, the company has sites mission with the help of which you can read product descriptions in the translation.

Also one of the oldest and most popular online auctions is the website purchases on which you can make, both directly and through the intermediaries. The website combines the properties of the auction and the classic online store.

Much success the Russians are online auctions specializing in sales of Chinese goods. The most popular Chinese website-the auction is that allows you to purchase goods of good quality at national prices.
Since the registration process on the requires the availability of one of the Chinese mobile operators, and the description can be read only using an online translator, there was a large number of web sites.

The most popular Russian online auctions

The leader of the Russian segment of Internet sales is an auction Although the number of registered users is much lower than giants like Ebay, this site, in most cases, allows you to find the right product at a reasonable price, or to act as a seller.

In addition to the auction, the leader, the domestic users use the services of sites like, Astra24 and Despite the lower popularity, these sites you can find enough exclusive items.