Advice 1: How many can you get pregnant after an abortion

According to statistics, in Russia only one of the three pregnancy ends with birth. 60% of women to artificially abort their first pregnancy, and 10% an abortion every year. He, unfortunately doctors, turns into a kind of contraception.
How many can you get pregnant after an abortion

What is abortion and what are the consequences

In order to understand how long after abortion can you get pregnant again, you need to know what could be the consequences of abortion to the female body.

Abortion is termination of pregnancy, on terms from 4 to 22 weeks, or if for any reason a term is not set when the weight of the fetus up to 400 grams. Abortion can be natural and artificial.

Natural abortion (miscarriage) is the spontaneous termination of pregnancy, as a rule, up to 22 weeks. Most often a miscarriage happens when the fetus has malformations or the mother's body rejects the fetus due to the presence of any disease. That is the very nature produces "natural selection" taking care of the birth of genetically healthy offspring, or saving the mother's life (if the pregnancy is incompatible with existing diseases).

Artificial abortion is performed in a medical facility through curettage of the uterine cavity (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy), vacuum aspiration (up to 6 weeks), drug provocation miscarriages (before 8 weeks) and provocation of premature birth (22 weeks). According to statistics, 40% of induced abortions occur only at the woman's request in the absence of other indications (medical, social, etc.).

Abortion may carry severe consequences for the female body, which include perforation of the uterus, breaks her neck, major blood loss, disorders of ovarian-menstrual cycle, isthmicocervical failure, impaired patency of the fallopian tubes, infections, endometriosis, miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies, psychological trauma, infertility. The risk of complications increases with the number of abortions performed, so the question of contraception after the abortion is necessary to approach very responsibly.

The occurrence of pregnancy after abortion

Many women are interested in the question: through what time after abortion it is possible the new birth? One – because I don't want to get pregnant again, and others – because, on the contrary, decided to give birth to.

The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous. The likelihood of pregnancy depends on various factors: the degree of fertility of women, the manner in which it was produced abortion (surgical or medical), to how strong a "shock" to the body were produced abortion and what the consequences are. About the approximate time when you can get pregnant after an abortion, the doctors have expressed different opinions, the most common are the following.

Some experts believe that the day of abortion (natural or artificial) is considered the first day of the new menstrual cycle of women, and pregnancy is possible in mid-cycle – 14 days after an abortion if ovulation happens, and the day before it happens unprotected intercourse. To have sex until how to stop discharge from the genital tract after abortion (about 10 days) not recommended – too great a risk of infection.

Others believe that due to the hormonal changes of the body produced after abortion, ovulation (and therefore pregnancy) can be expected any day of the menstrual cycle.

Others suggest women who decided to have a baby, to plan pregnancy not earlier than 3 months after abortion (without complications). Until the body is still very weak and may have problems with her pregnancy.

It should be particularly noted that a very low probability to get pregnant again that for women with negative RH factor and interrupted their first pregnancy. This fact is due to the fact that in the body of this woman after abortion persist antibodies that can destroy the cells of the fetus in the case that it will have a positive RH factor.

Advice 2 : When can I get pregnant after an abortion

Abortions have a negative impact on the reproductive system in women. Doctors warn that getting pregnant after an abortion is difficult and sometimes quite impossible. The likelihood of re conception largely depends on the method of abortion, as well as health and aged women.
When can I get pregnant after an abortion
Abortion is a surgical operation. As any interference in the integrity of the body, it is unhealthy and dangerous and fraught with complications. By mechanical scraping in the uterus can form scars. The medical method of pregnancy termination is more gentle, but also exposes the body to a lot of stress. During pregnancy there is a continuous reorganization of a hormonal background, and in the process of abortion she sharply interrupted. Naturally, this shake-up affects women's health.
However, not all so is terrible. If the girl is healthy and the operation was successful, the state will quickly return to normal. The recovery phase usually occurs within two weeks. Preferably after this time to visit the gynecologist to make sure that everything is fine or make the necessary treatment. Theoretically a woman is ready for a new pregnancy is already using 11-15 days after an abortion. This can occur in practice, if not to apply the precautionary measures during intercourse. But whether to do it, even if pregnancy is desired.
Doctors recommend to refrain from conception for 6 months. This is the perfect option. But it happens that a woman is in a depressed mental state after the death of the fetus or the couple is obsessed with the desire to have a baby at any cost. In this case, if health is all right, you can plan a future pregnancy after three months. During this time hormones usually comes back to normal and endometrium is fully restored. Moved the abortion does not interfere with future motherhood, but preliminary visits to women's consultations will be useful.
To after abortion to avoid hasty pregnancy, you need protection. Usually doctors recommend at this time to use the contraceptive pill. We should be able to prevent unwanted effects if you start taking the pills the day after surgery. In addition, the use of oral contraceptives contributes to the speedy restoration of a hormonal background. For pregnancy you do not want to take a break after discontinuation of the drug. On the contrary, rested the ovaries will start to work in emergency mode, that will certainly lead to success, if pregnancy is desired and planned.
To become a mother or to delay an important event – a private affair of the woman. Let each use the information about possible pregnancy after abortion to their advantage.
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