Symptoms of tonsilloliths

Tonsilloliths manifested by the following symptoms: mild soreness when swallowing, tingling in the throat, painful cough, weakness, malaise, headache, fever up to subfebrile values. In the case of superficial inflammation may develop hyperemia of the mucosa with a dense or translucent coating. With deep lesions of the mucous membrane of the whole of the pharynx, the temperature rises to 38оС, General condition worsens, swallowing a sharp pain. The risk of developing the disease increases with diabetes, diseases of the blood, gastrointestinal tract (particularly the intestine dysbacteriosis), chronic tonsillitis, gipovitaminozah, prolonged and enhanced antibiotics.

Treatment of tonsilloliths

For the treatment of tonsilloliths used antifungal agents of General action: fluconazole, Nystatin", "Amphotericin". The dose and duration of treatment should be set by the attending physician. Fluconazole can be administered in a daily amount of 50-100 mg, drink it once a day. "Nystatin" take 500 thousand IU (1 tablet) three or four times a day. Tablet to hold in mouth until dissolved. Well established "Orangemen" - antifungal means of broad-spectrum. It is taken one capsule a day. When tonsilloliths also appoint a local drugs, possessing antimycotic and antiseptic effect ("Declin", "Levorin", "Canesten"). Powder Levorin" diluted with water in ratio of 1:500 and rinse your mouth two to three times a day for 15-20 days. Be useful rinse decoction of chamomile, solution of Chinosol", "Dioksidina, sodium bicarbonate.

In the treatment of tonsilloliths also use immunostimulatory drugs (Galium-Hel", "engistol"). "Galium Hel" you should drink up to three times a day half an hour before meals or an hour after a meal, 10 drops of the drug at one time. "Engistol" take sublingually (under the tongue), 1 tablet 3 times a day. Also you need to treat the underlying disease that caused tonsilloliths. During treatment it is recommended to take vitamin complexes. The patient would benefit from desensitization. This method of treatment is carried out in case of hypersensitivity to one or more allergens. Its essence is that the body is injected injection of the substance causing the Allergy, with a gradual increase in dose. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the generation of blocking antibodies. The immune system gets used to the allergen and no longer react to it.