Summer house marking the territory, the installation of the Foundation

If a person has no experience in the construction of global structures and lives in the country only in the summer, you can build a frame-and-panel house. For it will not need a lot of material, he erected quickly and would be a great option for seasonal accommodation.

First you need to select the location on the site. It should not be low. It is better if the area will be smooth.

Take 4 pegs and hammer them into the ground in the corners of the future house, built with his own hands. Now will need 2 ropes of the same size. Pull them diagonally. Align the pegs to the strung them the ropes was the same.

Easy it is a house can stand on the pier Foundation. It also saves money, power, and one person will handle the establishment of such a framework.

At the corners, every 2-2,5 meters around the perimeter and under bearing walls, doors need to put blocks of size 20х20х40 see First with a shovel, remove the top layer of soil in these places to a depth of 7-10 cm

Sprinkle of sand here and install the blocks. You can put one or 2, placing them on each other.

Continue to build

On the blocks laid roofing felt cut to their size. Now is the bottom frame of the house. It may be of logs or timber, thickness from 15x15 to 25x25 cm

The corners fasten it with staples and nails. In the same way and are fixed vertical bars. They are placed at the corners and over each Foundation stone.

Then construct the top frame, which is located on the height of the ceiling. Easier to make a shed roof, so one side should be 30-50 cm higher than the other.

Then you can make a floor of thick boards, attracted to each other. If you want to insulate this part of the house, first fill the logs, then they – boards. It will be a rough floor.

On it spread a layer of insulation on top of waterproofing, which is fixed by the construction stapler or special fasteners for the insulation. After that fill the floor boards.

Then start to unjam the outside of the house. This is the perfect lining. It is possible to unjam and interior walls. But first, the inside is attached to the outer layer of insulation, waterproofing, then nailed boards lining, which will be the inner wall.

Fasten up the construction of the rafters which are made of thick Board. The distance between them is 1 meter. Across the rafters stuffed Board is thinner and the basis of the roof finish. Left to insulate her as it was stated in the case of floors and walls, cover it with roofing material.

You can leave it, but better from top to staple sheets of galvanized iron, Ondulin or make a roof of metal.

Left to punch Windows, doors and a house built on their own, ready. You can move and live in it.