Classification of seats

Device car child seat differs depending on its purpose, that is given to children of what age they developed.

The chair of the category "0" (referred to as seats-carryings, autorului) is designed for children from birth and assume a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) position of the child. They are installed in the rear seat of the car.

Couch in the "0+" usually have two positions: for sitting and for sleeping. These chairs are set against the motion of the vehicle on the rear or front seat and has two types of mounts: universal safety belt is fitted to the cars and five-point internal harness (over both shoulders, waist and between the legs of the baby).

Chairs category "1" is set on a course of movement, they are equipped with internal seat belts, universal seat belt fixed seat.

Seats "2", "3" have no special belts: the seat and the child are recorded by the vehicle safety belt.

Basic rules for installation of children's car seats

According to statistics, six out of ten seats attached incorrectly, which means that they not only protect the child in case of an accident, but they can cause injury, even death. Installing the car seat in the car carefully read the instructions attached to the seat, and always follow it when installing car seats, free from compromise due to the fact that the baby is fussy or sleeping.

Please note that in chairs category "0", "0+" baby's head must fully lie on the back seat, not to look out of that. This is necessary due to the fact that the baby's head is quite large and the cervical vertebrae are more fragile, in the event of an accident, and even sudden braking there is a risk of injury to the cervical spine. For this reason, these seats must always be installed against the direction of traffic.

Note that internal security straps in chairs, "0", "0+" should be placed just below, and in chairs to "1" slightly above the shoulder of the baby. If the child is sitting in a chair, "2", "3", make sure that the car seat belt went across the middle of the shoulder of the child, as in the location above, this can lead to suffocation, while slipping below the child can simply slip out.

In any case, do not fix a car seat backrest of the front seat.

Remember that the safest place to install car seat is the seat immediately behind the driver's seat, but control of the baby to the driver in this case, it is uncomfortable. So install the right seat or center rear seat.