ASD – product of organic raw materials of animal origin and has been heat treatment. The drug called antiseptic-stimulator for its ability to penetrate the tissue without causing side effects and restore hormonal balance and normalize the functioning of the peripheral nervous system and to increase the level of resistance of various external and internal influences.

How does the fraction of ASD-2

The method of treatment of various diseases, including cancer fraction ASD-2 developed scientist A. V. Dorogov. He has conducted a number of studies with a fraction of ASD-2 and found that this drug has an antibacterial effect, stimulate immune defense and improve nutrition and metabolism of tissues. In addition, the drug improves overall body tone, eliminates excess acidity and reduces the effects of intoxication. Over the fraction of ASD-2 was studies by many scientists, in particular Professor Aleutian, which proved that the drug can be combined with traditional and folk methods of treatment of cancer, in particular, a multicomponent herbal remedies, tinctures poisonous herbs Hemlock, Aconite, and mushroom. However, treatment should control an experienced oncologist phytotherapeutist.

How to use a fraction of ASD-2 for cancer treatment

Doctors herbalists recommend to treat a fraction of ASD-2 cancer of the lung, kidney, liver, stomach, uterus, mammary glands, and other organs. According to research among survivors a lot of people with diseases of the blood and lymphatic systems leukemia and Hodgkin's disease. Purified fraction of SDA-2 is effective in therapy of benign tumors. Herbal-based fees and multicomponent herbal medicinal herbs should be chosen strictly individually depending on the nature of the disease of the patient. We are talking about lymph drainage, krovoochishchajushchee, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, hematopoietic, adaptogenic and other infusions.

ASD-2 can not be combined with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The treatment of cancer fraction ASD-2 involves the use of multiple treatment regimens. However, it should be noted that the Dorogov recommend taking the drug on an empty stomach, adding to the water or strong tea for 20-30 minutes before Breakfast. But continue to enjoy popularity and other schemes of treatment.

a) 1-2 drops of the drug add water, yogurt or milk 1 hour after meals, two to three times a day. Every day you need to increase the dosage 1-2 drops, gradually reaching up to 40 drops three times daily and at this dose to continue treatment for 1-3 months. At the initial stage of cancer is enough 10-20 drops, in any case, it is all about the oncologist-the phytotherapist.

b) the second scheme must also gradually increase the dosage to 40 drops and to start reducing again to 1 drop 2-3 times a day. The treatment of cancer fraction ASD-2 provides a short shock treatment with a small break, but only under the supervision of a physician.