Tungsten is a metal with a light gray color. In the periodic system he owns 74 serial number. A chemical element is a refractory. In its composition it contains 5 stable isotopes.

Chemical properties of tungsten

Chemical stability of tungsten in air and in water is quite high. When heated a chemical element susceptible to oxidation. The higher the temperature, the higher oxidation rate of the chemical element. At a temperature above 1000°C, the tungsten begins to evaporate. At room temperature Aqua Regia, hydrochloric, sulfuric, hydrofluoric and nitric acid are unable to provide for tungsten. Mixture of nitric and hydrofluoric acids dissolve the tungsten. Neither in the liquid nor in the solid state tungsten is mixed with gold, silver, sodium, copper, lithium. Also does not interact with zinc, magnesium, calcium, mercury. Tungsten is soluble in tantalum and niobium, and chromium and molybdenum can form a solution as in the solid and in the liquid state.

Application of tungsten

Used tungsten in modern industry, both in pure form and in alloys. Tungsten refers to wear resistant metals. Often the alloys having the composition of tungsten is used for the manufacture of turbine blades and valves of engines. Also, this chemical element has found its use for the manufacture of various parts in rentgenotechnika and electronics. Tungsten is used for filaments of electric lamps.

Chemical compounds of tungsten in recent times it has found its practical application. Heteropolyacid of phosphorus and tungsten is used in the production of bright paints and varnishes that are resistant to light. For the manufacture of luminous paints and the manufacture of lasers are used the tungstates of rare earth elements, alkaline earth metals and cadmium.

Today traditional engagement rings of gold began to replace products made from other metals. The popularity of engagement rings made of tungsten carbide. These products are highly durable. Mirror polished ring not tarnish. The product will maintain its original condition for the entire duration of use.

Tungsten is used as alloying element for steel. This gives steel strength and hardness at high temperature. Thus, tools made of tungsten steel that have the ability to withstand the most intensive processes of Metalworking.