The theme of the story

An acknowledged master of prose is considered to be love Alexander Kuprin, the author of the novel "Garnet bracelet". "Love is selfless, selfless, not waiting for rewards, the one which says "strong as death". Love that to do any feat to give life, to go to the torture does not work, and one of joy" - that's the love that touched ordinary official of an average hand the Yolk.

Once and forever in love with Faith. Not an ordinary love, one that happens once in a life divine. Faith does not attach importance to the feelings of his admirer, lives life to the fullest. Married to a quiet, calm, good all around person Duke Shein. Begins her quiet, peaceful life, not marred by anything, nor sadness, nor joy.

A special role is given to the uncle of the Faith – General Anosov. In his mouth Kuprin puts words that are the subject of the novel: "...maybe your way of life, she crossed it is this love, about which dream women and no longer men". Thus Kuprin in his novel wants to show Istria love, even if unrequited, but nevertheless, this irresponsibility has not made it less strong and not transformed into hatred. On such love, according to the General Anosov, dreams of anyone, but not everyone gets. And Faith, in her family life, such love there. There is another – the respect is mutual, to each other. Kuprin in his novel tried to show the readers that such sublime love is rooted in the past, there are only few people, such as the operator of Yolks who are capable of it. But many, the author stresses, is not able to understand the deep meaning of love.

And Faith itself does not understand that her fate is granted to be loved. Of course, she is a lady, occupying a certain position in society, the Countess. Perhaps a successful outcome of such love and could not be. Kuprin surely he understands that Faith is not in the position to link their lives with "small" man Yolk. But still leaves her one chance to live in love the rest of my life. Faith is your chance to be happy missed.

The idea of the piece

The idea of the story "the Garnet bracelet" is the belief in the power of true, all-consuming. feelings, which was not afraid, and death itself. When the Yolk trying to take away the only love when you want to take the opportunity to see his beloved, then he decides voluntarily to die. Thus Kuprin trying to say is that life without love is meaningless. It is a feeling that knows no time, social and other barriers. No wonder the name of the main female character Faith. Kuprin believes that his readers will Wake up and realize that not only the wealth of a rich man, but rich inner world of the soul. A red thread through the whole story are the words Yolk "hallowed be Thy name," that's the idea of the piece. Every woman wants to hear those words, but given a lot of love only the Lord and not for everyone.