Choice travel Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with stunning nature, rich ancient history and cult complexes. In Vietnam there is a large number of invaluable cultural and historical monuments. There are high quality hotels with the European quality standard of service and very affordable prices. This country is great for beach, sightseeing and family vacations.

To quietly go to Vietnam, need a visa. This procedure will take a week, it can also draw on the border, provided that there is an invitation that has been issued in advance
To obtain a visa, you need 2 photos 4×6 cm, you need to provide a passport and an invitation, which will be useful for opening a visa in the Vietnamese airports, as well as a completed application form.

What are the major travel companies offer good tours to Vietnam?

Today there are a number of tour operators that offer tourist trips to Vietnam and other countries of Indochina. Tour operators offer travelers a huge variety of leisure activities – from a relaxing retreat on the beautiful beaches to extreme programs and excursions. It is well to consider tours from some of them, but which tour operator is better we'll have to decide for yourself traveler
Many tour operators in developing tours to the best cities and resorts in Vietnam such as: Ho Chi Minh city, da Nang, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hanoi and others.

Travel company "PAX" offers a variety of tours to Vietnam cost from 35 to 70 thousand rubles. "PAX" is the largest tour operator in Vietnam in Moscow. She organizes tours for every taste, and takes into account all the wishes and preferences of the tourists.

One of the largest tour operators "Pegas Touristik" also organizes tours of Vietnam. Their cost varies from 41 up to 105 thousand rubles. Of course, that accommodation during a tourist trip takes place in 3 hotels from – 5 stars.
Travel company "Vand" offers tours of varying value, as well as various promotions for their customers. The average cost of tours in the company "Vand" is from 960 to 2500 dollars. And the average duration of the tours from the tour operator is 9-15 days.

Tour operator "ITM" offers tours in Vietnam with an estimated cost of from 920 to $ 3,100. The average length of tours from the tour operator ITM is 9-17 days.