The etiology of the disease

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The virus of this disease belongs to the poxviruses. Molluscum contagiosum is found everywhere in humans, and the infection is transmitted through household items or by direct contact with a sick person. Not, the dependence of infection through microtrauma. Most often this disease affects people in underdeveloped countries where there is high density accommodation, and do not meet the standards of personal hygiene.

A possible way of transmission through sexual intercourse (the location of the clam, the genitals, the perineum and pubis). Molluscum contagiosum is common in patients who suffer with eczema or dermatitis. It is caused by long-term ingestion of topical steroids, lower reactivity of the skin. Often, this virus affects children. Usually infection occurs by household, nodules appear on the face and upper body, arms.

The clinical picture

The incubation period lasts from 2 weeks to 6 months. Rash shiny and pearly-white, there is a small indentation in the center. The nodules gradually increase, eventually the papule reach the size of 5-10 millimeters (in diameter). In case of injuries, the nodules can ulcerate and nagivate. After 7-9 months, the rash resolved spontaneously, some persist up to 4 years.

Most often, rashes are localized on the trunk, neck, in the armpits (with the exception of infection, which is sexually transmitted). There are rashes on the face, not centuries. Molluscum can occur on lips, buccal mucosa, tongue and scalp. In patients with HIV multiple lesions appear on the face. To clarify the diagnosis using microscopic examination of the contents of the nodules. Often used histological examination and electron microscopy.

Treatment of molluscum contagiosum

First and foremost, patients should avoid visiting shared baths and swimming pools, and to observe the rules of personal hygiene. For getting rid of this virus using cryotherapy (every few days) until complete disappearance of lesions. Used to fight subcutaneous molluscum surgical diathermy – squeezing with tweezers and surface scraping, after which the affected area is lubricated with a solution of phenol, nitrogen, silver and iodine.