Fistula is called a channel connecting the affected by the inflammatory process, the portion of the tissue or internal organ with the body surface or another organ. Often through the fistula comes purulent contents resulting from inflammation.

The imposition of compresses and ointments

Treatment fistula people's medicine offers used compresses to pull out the pus. With this purpose often use the leaves of regular cabbage. A clean sheet is applied to the region of the fistula, and on top of tightly wrapped plastic film. The sheet needs to be changed several times during the day. A few days later all the pus out of the canal and the wound will heal.

The crumb of black bread it is recommended to mix with lots of salt. Should get plastic mass, which is kneaded in the form of pellets and apply to the sore spot. Fix the pellet with the film. Change the bread every second day. Soon the fistula ceases to exude pus and heal.

Treatment of the fistula can be carried out with a pine resin. The substance is applied on a clean cotton cloth and applied to the whistle. As in the other cases, the bandage is fixed with plastic wrap. It is not advisable to wrap the top wrap a warm cloth, use hot water bottles, since heat can cause the amplification of the inflammatory process.

You can prepare an ointment based on pork interior fat. 200 grams of fat melt on low heat. Once it is liquid in the pan add 200 grams of finely chopped onions. Onion fry until receipt brown. Then the fat is poured into a jar and tightly close the container lid. After 8 hours you can lubricate drug fistula.

Treatment of sinus rinse

Very often, fistulas are formed on the gums. It is advisable not to delay in this case, the visit to the dentist. Rinse decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs will help to clear the wound of pus and speed up the recovery.

To prepare a medicinal tincture from calendula or chamomile, and brew a teaspoon of dried plant in a Cup of boiling water. To insist tool recommended 20-30 minutes.

The herb St. John's wort and finely chopped, Bay of water, boil for 10 minutes. The resulting broth to wash out the fistula, and herbal steaming slurry was applied to the affected area.

It should be remembered that in some diseases, the treatment of the fistula should be using analiticheskih drugs. Therefore, if the treatment of fistula in folk medicine do not give a positive effect, you should contact the medical facility.