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Just built a new honeycomb light shade consist solely of wax. Gradually the quality of SOT changes, it all depends on the purposes for which bees are going to use them. A worker bee lives about 40 days.

Honeycomb, which was born of the fruit, quickly darken (age). As a result, after each new generation of bees in the cells appear empty cocoons from the larvae. Because of this layering of sediments, changing the volume, shape and mass of the honeycomb, the thickness of the cells.

Themselves imagine a honeycomb of hexagonal wax cells that the bees construct for storage of pollen or honey, place the larvae. Directly the sizes of cells depend on the destination cells for the drones or the bees and their breed. Bees, as one of the best natural architects, has created a cell in the form of a hexagon, which includes a large amount at low cost for construction.

Indispensable construction material for the honeycomb is beeswax. Other materials these insects do not take. In the family cell are used for processing and placement of nectar in the period of its collection, sealing of stocks and their storage.

Useful properties of SOT

Honeycomb, like most bee products are an indispensable tool in the treatment of various diseases associated with the respiratory system. The most useful and healing properties it possesses cell wax. Assemble it after the basic extraction of honey. Regular chewing of such honeycomb has a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. In addition there is a development of the immune system to infectious diseases.

Comb honey has to a large extent characteristic of the Botanical species of plants with healing qualities, chemical composition, aroma and taste.

Beeswax is often used in the manufacture of cosmetic creams, patches and ointments. Also wax is used in the treatment of tuberculosis. It also includes a variety of trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Due to the large number of useful properties, it is used when creating packs, whitening and nourishing masks.

Experts in the field of dentistry is recommended systematically to chew honeycomb in the prevention of diseases such as periodontal disease. In the process of chewing greatly increases the secretion of saliva, which is very useful for the digestive system.

To strengthen the immune system it is necessary 2-3 times a day to chew beeswax for 7-10 minutes. People who suffer from allergies, this product may not be suitable.