You will need
  • - burdock root, leaf beans, blueberry leaves;
  • - the leaves of the alder, flowers of nettle, leaves of quinoa;
  • - aspen bark;
  • - bran.
Taking medicines appointed by the endocrinologist, and use the advice of traditional medicine, which helps to significantly reduce the blood sugar, cleanse the blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, which also reduces the sugar level.
Take in equal amounts burdock root, leaf beans and blueberry leaves, carefully chopped, stir. Pour 10 grams of the collection Cup boiling water in a thermos, insisting 2 hours, filter. Take a third Cup three times a day for 3 weeks, making a 10 day break, continue with the reception.
For diabetes, take the following composition. Mix half a Cup of shredded leaves of alder, a tablespoon of flowers of nettle and 2 tablespoons of chopped leaves of quinoa. Pour all the prepared components with 250 ml of cool boiled water and add a pinch of baking soda. Leave the jar with the contents in the light for 5 days. Strain, take a teaspoon twice a day half an hour before meals. Control the level of sugar in the blood, positive dynamics (decrease blood sugar) repeat course every month for six months.
Bay tablespoon of dry powdered bark of aspen a pint of water, put infuse for 10 hours, then simmer for half an hour from the moment of boiling over low heat. Insisting for two hours, filter and take a quarter Cup three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is three months or more. Perfectly cures the diabetes in the initial stages of the disease.
Effectively reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood regular use of bran. For therapeutic purposes, take 3 tablespoons of bran per day, brewed Cup of boiling water, is divided into three equal portions, during the month. Prophylactically take a tablespoon once a day for a long time. You can add ready-made meals, you just eat and drink a glass of water.