The sooner the child is revealed insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and treatment, the better the results. The treatment of this form of the disease is aimed at reducing the existing symptoms. The main objectives are the compensation of carbohydrate metabolism, normalization of body weight, prevention and treatment of complications of and training of the child.
Compensation of carbohydrate metabolism is achieved with insulin therapy and diet. Diet in diabetes is a necessary, vital part of treatment. Its violation can result in Hypo - or hyperglycemic coma, and even death of the patient. Balance the diet for protein, fat, calories. Restrict easily digestible carbs - products made from white flour, potatoes, semolina, pasta. In the daily diet should be natural fruits and vegetables. Eliminate greasy, spicy, salty, sweet sauces and gravies. Diabetes the baby has to be fed 6 times per day or even more often. For the success of diet start a food diary, make record of all food eaten during the day with the child, count the number of pieces of bread. Keeping such a food diary helps to identify the cause of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, contributes to the training of the patient and helps the doctor to choose the right dose of antidiabetic drugs and insulins.
Treatment with insulin is necessary for compensation of carbohydrate metabolism, prevent Hyper - and hypoglycemia and the prevention of complications of diabetes. Almost all children who suffer with diabetes, get insulin. Selection of the type and dose should be made by the endocrinologist at a constant glucose monitoring. Thanks to the advent of insulin preparations of long action can be quite one injection per day. Pills from diabetes, such as "Maninil", "Glipizide", quite effective in adult patients, but very rarely help the children. Use them only in mild forms, or administered as an adjuvant. Correctly selected therapy drugs insulin facilitates the disease and allows children to lead a full life.
Physical activity is also a necessary part of diabetes treatment in children. They optimize body weight, enhance the ability to metabolize sugar and maintain its normal level. Because of this, the insulin dose can be reduced. When type 1 diabetes type blood sugar level is very unstable. Parents need to properly plan the intensity and class time. The child is not able to assess your condition during sports activities or just outdoor games. Therefore, the supervision during exercise is required. Children and adolescents with diabetes in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor, well developed both physically and mentally.