What to do if a mouse was swelling?

Important rule: in no case do not open the seal under the arm yourself! Lump in the armpit may arise as a result of boils, inflammation of the lymph nodes, inflammation of the sweat or sebaceous glands, reducing the body's immunity. Often these seals occur under the arm due to infection after shaving, the irritation caused by fabric of clothes, especially in warm seasons, the lack of observance of rules of personal hygiene. In the most severe cases, the seal under the arm is a symptom of HIV or cancer.

The correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only a doctor. Therefore, finding a lump, should seek medical help. A big mistake made by those people who are trying to get rid of the seal under the arm home remedies, for example, rasprava seal in the axilla in hot water or trying to squeeze out. It is fraught with very unpleasant complications, including sepsis!

How to treat seal in the underarm area

The method of treatment of the cones depend on the diagnosis. If it is inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis), accompanied by suppuration, the doctor prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. When severe abscess the abscess should be opened and cleaned.

If the cause of the bumps – hidradenitis (inflammation of sebaceous and sweat glands), it is treated physiotherapy: UHF, dry heat, irradiation with ultraviolet light. It is recommended to lubricate the cones sintomitsinovoy emulsion.

Furuncle (boil), resulting in the inflammation of hair follicles, also treat with the use of physical treatments dry heat, UHF. Very good application of Ichthyol ointment: it accelerates the ripening and breakthrough boil. After complete removal of pus should be lubricated at the place where it was seal, some antibacterial ointment. With the appearance of multiple boils on prescription, you can use antibiotics.

If the bumps were the result of low immunity, it is necessary to take all measures to strengthen it. Of course, in any case, it is necessary to strictly observe good personal hygiene. You should also try not to traumatize the skin when shaving. To use folk remedies for treatment of such seals is not necessary, because it is fraught with serious consequences.