You will need
  • - 2 carcasses frozen squid;
  • - 1 Cup of rice;
  • - 5 leaves Chinese cabbage;
  • - half an orange or tangerine;
  • 2 tbsp olive oil;
  • - 1 teaspoon of mustard;
  • Korean carrot, walnuts to taste.
Boil the rice according to package instructions until tender. For the salad, the rice should not be mushy, take a long-grained rice.
The leaves of the Beijing cabbage, wash, tear with your hands. Squid boil in lightly salted water two to three minutes for this is enough. Everyone knows that if you cook the squid longer, they will become very hard rubber. Cool the carcass squid, cut into thin strips.
Mix cabbage with boiled rice prepared with squid. Add Korean carrot (you can buy already prepared or make your own, are now sold ready-made marinades, which is enough to fill chopped carrots). Mix all of the components.
Prepare for an easy salad dressing: mix olive oil with mustard, squeeze of half a tangerine or orange juice, add oil, stir.
Season the salad with NAPA cabbage, rice and squid, stir, place on a platter. Garnish with walnuts, if you don't like, then you can do without them. Salad is ready to serve or let it stand for half an hour.