What functions are able to perform a steam cleaner

Function steam cleaners:
- cleaning of blinds and curtains;
- steaming clothes (except for some types of synthetics);
- cleaning of soft furniture and carpets;
- floor cleaning (except parquet Board and parquet);
- clean frames and glass, tile, plastic surfaces.

It should be remembered that simple models of steam cleaners, without the ability to adjust the power, is unlikely to "show class". Their purpose – the destruction of the strong pollution and the Stripping of clothes from natural fabrics.

How to use a steam cleaner

In textile processing must be placed a steam cleaner is almost parallel to the surface you are cleaning. Directing a jet of steam on the laminate, care should be taken that between the device and the surface remained quite high (30 centimeters) distance. Otherwise, too much hot steam can damage that the finishing material.

The softer and smoother the surface, the less strong should be couples. To do this, and sold the device with the ability to adjust the power.

After cleansing you need to check the ferry, so stayed wet the surface. If necessary, it should be wiped with a dry cloth.

How to use a steam cleaner: more tips

By itself, the steam cleaner is not able to rid you of spots. He will only dissolve dirt and you will need to wipe it with a cloth. Otherwise it will again dry up and will be off at that place.

Try to use only purified water – filtered or bottled. Otherwise, you will only add to his problems – limescale, lime and other dirty faction will take the place of purified steam dirt.

Using the device for treatment of carpets, you can save yourself from their washing. Just wet the carpet before the state of light moisture, and then let it cool down and carefully gather all evaporated with a vacuum cleaner dirt.

Couples copes with traces of adhesive tape on wood, glass and MDF. However, with the last of these materials will need to be careful not to hold the device too close. Just douse the ferry place with traces of tape, then clean the area with a cloth.

With strong limescale device is not always able to cope quickly and directly. Before the procedure of steaming vinegar treat a contaminated site, and after a second or two all will Shine.

Scrubbing spots plush toys or furniture, keep the spout of the device so as though you were going to blow the dirt from the surface. Also, don't forget to remove the stain with a dry and clean cloth.

Otpaivala fabric or fur, be very careful to let the steam touches them only lightly, not getting inside the texture. Thus you will ensure the best cleaning effect, a larger amount of fur or embossed materials.

When purchasing a steam cleaner, do not forget that he can not do anything by itself. Only correct use can work miracles.