You will need
  • yarn;
  • hook;
  • diagram of the pattern.
Before you begin, let's imagine how it will look in the end the work. In fact the edge of the booties you can tie a contrasting yarn, or to process the same color, but to focus on the pattern.
Select the appropriate size hook. For booties related from a dense yarn with wool, take the hook No. 2 or 2.5. If the product is made of thinner threads, then take a tool smaller in diameter. As a hint, use the label from the yarn. Usually, it specifies which size of needles or hook the best.
Decide in advance how the pattern will tie booties. Novice knitters should choose the simple and clear plans, which contain most of the columns without nakida, or with one nakida, polostevichi, an air loop. And the simplicity of the binding then add a variety of decorations: beads, sequins, pompoms, etc. Experienced needlewoman can afford to knit more complex patterns. In this case, it is necessary to calculate a rapport.
Start to tie booties with heel the last row of the sole. Insert the hook into the loop and knit columns without nakida in a circle. Finishing second a number promazyvaya already selected a pattern: for example, 3 air loop, 2 column with nakida, 1 connecting column; 3 column with nakida, 1 connecting column and so on until the end of the row.
Top can tie in the same way or choose another, more delicate pattern. Try to bind like this:

- 1 row: a column or a loop (for products associated spokes) of the previous number provarite 2 column with nakida, separated by a single air loop, back off about 2 or loop 2 column and knit to the end of the series.
- 2 range: promazyvaya in each air loop of the first row 1 column with nakida, one air loop, 1 column with nakida.