What is screenshot and what it eats?

When working with a computer, you often need to show third parties that you now see on your monitor. For example, faced with a malfunction, or working with an unfamiliar program, you can seek help by sending him a picture of the problem. This image called skrinshot, or screen.

To get a screenshot, press the Print Screen button (PrtScn). Usually, this button is in the upper right corner of the keyboard, to the right of the function keys F1 – F12. When you press the Windows PrtScn saves the screen image to the clipboard is a virtual temporary storage of data.

In order to view or forward to anyone the received image, you should save it to PC hard disk. This will help any graphic editor. The easiest and most affordable option – Paint. This is a standard program that is on every computer running a Windows operating system.

How to take a screenshot

So, after you press PrtScn in the lower left corner of the screen find the "start menu", then select "Programs – Accessories – Paint. Operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista in the menu "edit" select "Paste". In newer versions of Windows (starting from Windows 7) the "Insert" button located in the top menu. Or you can press the key combination Ctrl+V these shortcuts work in all versions of Windows. The image of all that is on your monitor will be moved from the clipboard to the workspace of the photo editor.

If necessary, you can edit the resulting image, cutting off all unnecessary. To do this, click "Select", using the mouse, highlight the area on the picture that you want to keep and click "Crop". In addition, you can add text or highlight something using the tools of "Text" and "Pencil". When the image is ready, click "Save" in the dialog box that appears, specify the folder in which you saved the screenshot. Before saving you can select the image format – PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF or GIF.

Little tricks

To get a picture of one of the active Windows at the same time as pressing PrtScn, click Alt. To clipboard copied picture is only one open program.

If you wish, you can insert a picture into a Microsoft Word document. After you press PrtScn, open the program and select the menu item "Paste" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V. the Image will appear in the Word file.

In Windows 7 there is the snipping tool. It can be used to obtain an image of the entire screen or any part of it. To do this, click the start menu, the snipping tool, click the "Create" button and select the image area you want to.

In Windows 8 after simultaneously pressing Win key + PrtScn, the screenshot is automatically saved in the pictures library of your computer in a folder called "screen Shots".