Handle linings

Perhaps, this pen is the most common. Cut out of wood or plastic two identical overlays. They can be in the form of elongated ovals, but the real masters sometimes give the pens a very refined form. If you want the knife was not only functional, but comfortable and beautiful, make a lining with a cavity under the closed fingers. You can make the handle thread, it's better to do it before you attach it to the shank. Overlays in synch to avoid unnecessary projections. Brush the rear part universal glue according to the instructions on the tube and glue to the shank.

Riveted handle, certainly more durable, but not everyone has the ability to perform the tasks at home. If you decided to handle prilepite, consider some circumstances. Rivets must not be on one line, especially if you are doing a wood handle. In addition, the near-to-blade rivet should be away from places where there will be index finger.

Whole arm

This pen is better than glued together from two halves. It can be done from a wooden stick, one-piece cylindrical or rectangular piece of plastic or hard rubber, bone, horn, etc. Carved figure the desired shape. The handle should be of such a length that the shank goes all the way through and it was possible to attach a pommel. Mark the place where it will enter the shank. Make the hole. It should completely conform to the shape of the shank. You can secure this grip glue. The pommel is made of the same material as the handle, or made of metal. Convenient and braiding of long leather cords, synthetic and natural twine and other materials.

Braided handle

The easiest option braided handle – wire. Options braid quite a lot. For example, you can use this. Take 3 equal pieces of colored wire and 1 about twice as long. The first three pieces fold in half, and the second bend so that one segment was the same as on the other three. The second will work much longer. The point of the bend connect. A long piece appetite short, distributing them so that the middle was a hole for the shank. The shank you can paste or just paste.

Inlaid arm

Case handle can make of wooden or plastic rings, Plexiglas and leather. Possible combinations of different materials. Cut the same rings. In diameter they should be the same and more than the next handle. Thread them onto the shank and tighten the bolt. Sand the handle to adjust the ring size and give the handle the desired shape.