A few years ago, changes in the shape of a leading TV project "House 2" Ksenia Borodina, struck the imagination of girls. Not to say that earlier she really was such a chubby young lady, but the extra 12-15 pounds its absolutely not decorated. More striking was the effect when after the birth of her daughter Ksenia did not recover even stronger, as it often happens, but instead brought his body in a perfect shape. How it has achieved?

How thin Borodin: rumors and speculation

The Internet is full of information about what Borodin lost, using a line of dietary Supplements and special products for weight loss. Ksenia is removed in more and more commercials for producing these spardabank company, which with a happy smile tells how these drugs help her to maintain such a wonderful form.

In addition, the very popular opinion that Borodin has lost one of the most popular mono-diet. "How I lost 10 pounds in 5 days by eating some cucumbers" (or "buckwheat", "eggplant", "apples", "chocolate" – there are various options) - under such headlines on various websites publishing alleged in reality, the interview with Ksenia.

In the "yellow" Newspapers sometimes exaggerated speculation that slimming Ksenia Borodina was the result of one or more of its mythical bad habits. For example, alcoholism or drug addiction. Looking at the blooming appearance of a young woman, hardly anyone actually believes in that.

As Borodin dropped pounds really?

Of course, who wants to lose weight person wants to believe in the existence of any miracle pill or technique that will once and for all to say goodbye to excess fat. Sadly, in fact, no one has invented anything new: move more and eat less – that's the only way to a good figure.

Thus "eat less" does not mean that you need to eat only lettuce. Ksenia Borodina in the process of losing weight and maintaining the results observe in your diet the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This reduces the fatty tissue substitute of her muscle and not feel uncomfortable knowing from feeling hungry.

Any know anything about the construction of a beautiful figure man understands that without exercise Ksenia has not been able to achieve such results. The combination of cardio for burning fat and strength exercises for a beautiful muscular frame made her a figure close to ideal. In addition, a good stretching – for flexibility and grace, as well as sauna and massages that contribute to skin tightening and a powerful detoxification effect.