Health problems

Dents on nails in some cases, indicate problems with health. Most often transverse or longitudinal grooves, cracks and bumps can be one of the symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver. Furthermore, if problems on the nails was a long time, so the disease may be in advanced stage. No harm will also find out whether the body's chronic inflammatory processes.

If after examination you find out that no diseases you don't have and dents on the nail plate not disappeared, quite possibly, we are talking about the lack of vitamins and minerals (particularly zinc). In addition, you should diversify your diet to include adequate amounts of healthy fats and protein, without which the good condition of the nails is almost impossible.

Mechanical damage

Dents on the nail, does not always mean that you have health problems. In most cases it is a trivial mechanical damage to plate. You may not even notice how the daily hurt of her usual manipulations. In this case, the Polish can be truly devastating some homework, although often such things will lead, rather, to breakage and delamination.

Oddly enough, the dents on the fingernails can be due to wrong manicure, and salon and home. Master of hardware manicure may select the wrong exposure angle, and as a result regular visits to this wizard you will get grooves and dents on the nail plate. This defect can be corrected and can lead to more serious deformation of the nail.

No less traumatic and can be home manicure. For example, some of the liquid to remove the cuticle dissolve not only perigi (a thin film of skin on the nail) and the nail. If you would like to use such aggressive means often, bumps on the nails you provided.

Cosmetic methods

If dents on the nails already there, get rid of them completely, you can only when take measures for the treatment of the body or go for a gentle manicure. And while the nail plate grows, it will only help cosmetic methods.

First of all, is grinding. To abuse this procedure is not necessary, since it leads to the thinning of nails. To cut down the bumps with a special buff, and then buff your nails to Shine is allowed not more often 1 time in 2 weeks.

In addition, to correct the visual defect you can use ridgefiller. This is a special tool that serves as a base for varnish. Applied in several layers, ridgefiller fills cavities and dents and visually makes the nails smooth and homogeneous. It is worth remembering that this product does not have curative effect, so you can use it only to troubleshoot the problem.