Wide application of reinforced concrete slabs in road quality due to several reasons, first among which is the high speed of construction; almost immediately after laying the finished road can be used. Coating of the plates is particularly in demand in areas with unstable soil, where the construction of asphalt pavement requires long and costly training. Another plus coverage of reinforced concrete slabs – the possibility of dismantling and reuse. Despite the seeming simplicity of installation, the mounting plates for arranging the road has a lot of features.

How to choose a plate

For the construction of roads used reinforced products with a thickness of 140-180 mm. Manufacturers produce plates with smooth or corrugated surface. The latter option is better resists the formation of ice. The concrete used should be resistant to shock loadings, temperature, precipitation. In the Russian climatic conditions, resistance to low temperature should not be lower than the F150. Form plates can be different from the usual rectangles and squares to trapezoids and hexagons. Standard sizes:
- length: from 1.75 m to 6 m;
- width from 1.7 m to 3.75 m;
- average weight: 2.2 t

Technology placement

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to cut off the top layer of soil and leveling the surface with a grader. Then the size of the prepared plates dug a trench depth of 25-50 cm (depending on the anticipated load). The next step is the laying of geotextile, which is necessary to protect from leaching of soil and emergence of plants. Then the bottom of the ditch with geotextile and filled with sand (a layer thickness of 15-20 cm) or crushed stone fines. If you use sand, you can add the cement, which will give additional strength to the Foundation; however, to exploit such a way it will be possible not earlier than in two days after completion of the work. At the final stage of the preparatory work sand cushion watered.

Reinforced concrete slab mounted in series, the first row is aligned on the cord. Styling can be done with a gap or butt. The formed cracks, the joints are filled with cement-sand mixture or fine gravel. Laid the slab should be compacted with a hammer through a wooden lining. Sometimes, to ensure a monolithic coating welded mounting tabs, connecting them with each other. Ready the road of reinforced concrete slabs can be used as a base under asphalt pavement.